LakeClan (RPG)/Brownstripe
Current: LakeClan
Past: None
Fishwing, Snowfalcon, Bumbleheart
Mentor(s): Unknown
Apprentice(s): None
Living: No
Dead: Yes

"You're wasting your time, Badgerstar. StarClan have been in these skies for ages and no rebel Clan has ever defeated us."
―Brownstripe talking to Badgerstar about SageClan.

Brownstripe is a light brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes.



Brownkit and her sister, Hazelkit, were always known to be together. They would eat together, play together, and always follow each other around. They were often called by the other cats "a cat with two bodies and one spirit".


When Brownkit and Hazelkit became apprentices, their true personalities began to show, and it became clear that they were as different as a mouse is from a fox. Brownpaw was always the more daring of the two of them, while Hazelpaw was always quiet yet observant. But though they did not always act the same or stay together anymore, they were still best friends. The only time they ever fought was over an older apprentice, Woodpaw, for both of them had feelings for him. Eventually, after spending more time with him, Hazelpaw realized that, although a nice tom, Woodpaw had the same leadership personality that Brownpaw had, and Hazelpaw knew that he belonged with her sister.


It wasn't long after Brownpaw and Hazelpaw became Brownstripe and Hazelwater that Brownstripe had kits with Woodpaw, who was now Woodstar, leader of LakeClan. Brownstripe's kits were Fishkit, Bumblekit, and Snowkit. Soon after his kits became warriors, Woodstar was killed in battle, and he never got to see Snowfalcon become one of the greatest warriors LakeClan ever knew, or Fishwing become the head medicine cat, or Bumbleheart become the deputy of Hawkstar, the new leader.


Brownstripe, however, saw her kits grow into three great members of LakeClan, and she retired to the elders' den twelve moons after Woodstar died. She was known for being one of the more active elders, growling at the apprentices that she could fetch her own bedding and often taking strolls through the forest by herself. Trouble never befell her on these walks, and she died peacefully in her sleep not long before two rogues named Fuega and Starwatcher came to LakeClan and changed history forever.


Since SageClan didn't exist when Brownstripe died, she joined her mate in StarClan, though of course she would have joined him even if SageClan did exist. As Woodstar was often called the "leader of StarClan" when fighting with SageClan, Brownstripe became almost like a deputy to him, always standing by his side and backlashing the SageClan cats when her mate couldn't find a snappish reply to their insults. She was one of the cats reluctant to make peace with SageClan when Badgerstar offered to, and she seemed glad when the rebel spirits left to watch over LoneClan.