LakeClan (RPG)/Hawkstar
Current: LakeClan
Past: none
Lightfur, Rubbleline, Crowflower, Flamefoot, Oakwhisker, Harejump, Whitefoot, Snowfall, Lakeheart, Larkshine, Berrytail
Mentor(s): Woodstar
Apprentice(s): Raintail, Fizzpelt, Gopherpelt
Living: Yes
Dead: No
"This is Hawkstar. I seem to remember having a littermate when I was young, but whenever I think about it I can't find him."
―Hawkstar at the Moonstream.

Hawkstar is a light-brown tabby tom with amber eyes.

Hawkstar's LifeEdit


Hawkkit was born in a litter of one to a happy couple of Rockwing and Moonstream. Hawkkit was named for the hawk-like pattern of his pelt. He had always been energetic as a kit, and played around a lot. When apprentice time came, he was proud to be apprenticed to the leader himself, Woodstar. He soon befriended an apprentice his age named Leafpaw, and also Woodstar's sons Fishpaw and Snowpaw. Hawkpaw and Leafpaw trained hard, driving off a band of foxes that came by. After the fox fiasco, Woodstar granted Leafpaw and Hawkpaw their warrior names, making them Leafwhisker and Hawktalon. Hawktalon also had a crush on Leafwhisker's sister, Cardinalpelt, and when they sat vigil, he sat next to the Cardinalpelt.


Hawktalon was still very good friends with Leafwhisker as a warrior. He also was one of the strongest and most trusted warriors in all of the Clan, despite being the one of the youngest. One day, he confessed his love to Cardinalpelt, telling her that he loved her all along. Cardinalpelt kindly told him that she also loved him, and someday wished to have kits with him. Hawktalon became very happy after that period, making sure he did everything correctly. Then one day, Greenstar died, and Woodpelt, now Woodstar, made Hawktalon deputy. Everybody in the Clan knew it was a battle between Hawktalon and Leafwhisker, who believed he should have gotten the job. This created tension between the two friends, and sadly, they became angered at each other. A week later, Leafwhisker was slain by a fox. Hawktalon served under Woodstar for many moons, until one day, Woodstar lost his last life from greencough. Hawkstar was now leader.


As a leader, Hawkstar has become very proud. His mate, Cardinalpelt, has had three litters of kits, including Rubbleline, Lightfur, Crowflower, Oakwhisker, Flamefoot, Harejump, Snowfall, and Whitefoot
He has lead his Clan into battle against the takeover of StarClan, and some organized rouges. He entered some rouges, and banished Tigerlily after some bad comments about clanmates.

After LifeEdit

Hawkstar was giving Rainpaw and Tundrapaw their apprentice ceremonies when the rogues attacked. He fought hard for his Clan and led them into battle, but sadly, two rogues ambushed him and killed him. His last words were to tell Cardinalpelt that he loved her. He is now a loyal member of StarClan.