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LakeClan is a Clan in the RPG LakeClan.

History Edit

LakeClan was founded by a passerby named Lake, later known as Lakestar. She was inspired to make the Clan from nearby CoalClan which had taken her prisoner. She wanted to make a Clan for her own, to show she was strong. And thus, LakeClan was formed. Lakestar died of a CoalClan attack, which made Greensight the leader. LakeClan flourished during Greenstar's time, but was taken by shock when Greenstar died by greencough.
LakeClan was then lead by Woodstar. At first, Woodstar was a very unstable leader. He took a very long time to pick a deputy, which eventually was Hawktalon. But near the time of Woodstar's death, he showed some promise as leader. After Woodstar died, LakeClan went through it's best years, lead by Hawkstar. Hawkstar lead the Clan through the tough battle against the angry StarClan cats, looking for the revenge they never got when they were living. Hawkstar was killed in a battle against the rouge empire.
Oakstar was the next leader of LakeClan. Oakstar had a lot of potential, but went into serious grief after the death of her mate, Lightfur. She went into so much grief, that she asked StarClan to take her lives away so she could join Lightfur in SageClan. The next leader of LakeClan was Kindlestar.


LakeClan camp is on the edge of a huge lake. Next to the lake to the east are the huge mountains, to the cats called Cracked Mountains, for CrackedClan resides there on the other side. Near the beginning of the mountains is a small, glimmering stream called the Moonstream, named after the cat who founded it. On the western side of LakeClan territory is a small deciduous forest, which provides great hunting.

Issues and Conflicts Edit

LakeClan has been known to have many conflicts with nearby cats. Like many Clans, they had conflicts with their neibors, EarthClan, CrackedClan, SwiftClan, and, after SwiftClan dispersed, the new CoalClan. Another conflict was with StarClan cats, who wanted revenge from the time they were living. They were lead by Longclaw. The most recent issue was when the Rouge Empire attacked LakeClan.

History of Ranks Edit

Leaders Edit

NAME Deputy(s)
Lakestar Greensight
Greenstar Woodpelt
Woodstar Hawktalon
Hawkstar Bumbleheart, Oakdapple, Battleclaw

Deputies Edit

NAME Served For
Greensight Lakestar
Woodpelt Greenstar
Hawktalon Woodstar
Bumbleheart Hawkstar
Oakdapple Hawkstar
Battleclaw Hawkstar

Medicine Cats Edit

NAME Trained By Leader At Time
Unknown Unknown Lakestar
Ravenwing Unknown Greenstar
Whiteheart Ravenwing Woodstar
Fishwing Whiteheart Hawkstar
Rubbleline Fishwing Hawkstar