LakeClan (RPG)/Peach
Current: Rogue Empire
Past: Loner
Wildfire, Rush
Peanut, Hate
Mentor(s): None
Apprentice(s): None
Living: No
Dead: Yes

Peach is an orange she-cat with amber eyes.

Loner Edit

Little is known about Peach's early life, except that she was born into a family of loners and that she left them when she could fend for herself. Soon she became desperate for a mate, and she had kits with a muscular kittypet, Peanut. The two she-kits were Rush and Fuega, and the tom was Vulture. Peach really had no love for Peanut, so she continued her life as a loner raising her kits until Rush disappeared one day. Peach thought that Rush had been killed, which prompted her to train Vulture and Fuega fighting moves. However, Fuega kept running off to see her father and her two friends, Surf and Butch. Peach admitted later in life that she was happy when Vulture used his fighting moves to kill Butch--not because she hated Fuega, as her daughter suspected, but because Peach was worried for her safety. Peach then learned about a group of rogues that were forming, and she and her two kits joined them.

Rogue Empire Edit

Like most of the she-cats in the group of rogues, Peach mated with Skull, the cruel leader. Though she had no kits with him, Skull took a liking to Peach, mostly because he wanted Vulture to become the mate of his daughter by another she-cat, Hurricane; when Vulture grew old enough, he did take Hurricane as a mate. This caused Peach to become Skull's favorite mate for a while, but though it was a position of power, Skull's cruel ways hardened Peach's heart. Because of this, she felt little pain when Skull tortured the only she-cat who wouldn't mate with him: her own daughter, Fuega. However, when Fuega suddenly disappeared like Rush, Peach's motherly instinct came back. She soon went into depression, and she barely noticed when Olivewing, a former member of LakeClan, became Skull's new mate, and Skull and Olivewing changed their names to Hate and Malice

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