Not just the admins, but EVERYONE needs to work together to make this wiki a better place for EVERYONE! Dear Regular Users; if you see any rule breakage or suspicious activity, please send a Report to us here. The rules/policies are noted in.

Dear AdminsEdit

When available, remember to check this page. You are responsible for making sure the Report is correct and sending a warning to the violator's talk page, or if he has done this multiple times, you will block him temporarily. If the Report has been a false alarm or no mistake was made, then delete the Report and send message to the Report's creator.

Here is how you send a ReportEdit

Step by Step

  1. Make a Heading 2 with your signature
  2. Make a link to the Violator's page or Wikia Contributor's name (if name-less), and title it with the violator's username.
  3. Write the approximate date the violation was commited
  4. Write the violation that was commited
  5. Link the page(s) that was/were violated and the location of the violation on that/those pages. (Ex. In the comments, or etc.)
  6. Sign off with a signature (Four tildes)