Stormclan RP (RPG)
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Administrators  : Stoneclaw33
Moderators  : None
Other Staff  : None
Important Dates
Founded  : 23rd August 2011

Stormclan RP is a play-by-post Role Play Clan on Born a Warrior cat Wiki. Role-play is based on cats from Stormclan, about their life, and what happens within the territory of Stormclan. Stormclan RP is modified-canon role-play.

Game Information

  • Category: Modified Canon
    • Alternate History: Doesn't include any kind of similar history from the Clans.
    • Alternate Clans: Isn't similar to any of the clans, slightly like ThunderClan.
    • Additional Clans: FireClan RP, WaterClan RP, MountainClan RP, NightClan RP, Forestclan RP, Frostclan RP, Moonclan RP, Sunclan RP.
    • Alternate Territories: A tough terrain with pine, decidous trees, creek beds, and a few meadows.
    • Alternate Location: The forest, similar to the Clans.