The story's not over yet...

Warriors: The Final Cry is a new RPG site by MoonlightShadow7. It cronicals the Clans many genorations after the series ends.


It has been generations since the great war of StarClan, but the descendants of those who fought so bravely still rule the lake.

ThunderClan of the forest is strong and compassionate. RiverClan of the wetlands is proud and loyal. WindClan of the moorlands is swift and clever. ShadowClan of the pine forest is fierce and strong. The events of the books series, from the Great War to Firestar himself, have been reduced to nursery tales.

The actual game starts long before the plot gets going. In fact, many of the cats who are currently just kits will likely be warriors by the time the plot starts.


By unusual means, predator and prey will come together in a power that has only been seen once before. A fifth Clan will rise, lawless and fake, and will mark their borders in blood.

This is the prophecy given to the medicine cats of all Clans. Four kits, one from each Clan, are born over the next few moons, each possessing strange powers, the like of such have been seen before, but far too long ago for any living cat to remember. A warrior will be exiled for trying to kill his leader, and teams up with a bunch of rogues. Several more dark-hearted warriors will follow him and create a new Clan, who live free of the warrior code. A few cats who are not evil join as well, only to live free from the warrior code.

When the four powerful cats become young warriors, a stranger will appear, asking for their help. It is yet unknown if this cat comes from the Tribe of Rushing Water, SkyClan or someplace completely new. The journey will help the four learn to control and harness their powers, as well as put aside the tension that has been building between Clans.

Upon returning, the four find that the fake Clan has been tormenting the other Clans. Apparently, their original leader was dead, struck down by StarClan when they ambushed the others at a Gathering. For moons, there are nether Gatherings nor Medicine Cat meetings for fear of attack. This increases the growing distrust among the four true Clans. Frighteningly, Silverpelt disappears not long after.

Four young warriors, armed with strange powers, claws and fangs, and the words of what they always assumed were nothing more than old nursery tales. When StarClan have seemingly abandoned them and with the warrior code all but forgotten, will it be enough to restore the Clans to there former selves?

The Final Cry